View Full Version : LinkStation as SlimServer... Performance Issues?

Allan Hise
2005-03-17, 08:45
On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, BenRubinstein wrote:

> My situation is that it's quite difficult to run ethernet to somewhere where
> an obnoxious server won't bother anyone. I'm currently using an ancient
> borrowed G4 Cube - which I'd hoped would be almost silent; unfortunately
> it's very noisy.

If your G4 cube is very noisy, either there is something seriously wrong
with the cube or your ears are way too sensitive.

A stock cube has no fans, so noise would come from your hard drive (they
can whine terribly when near death) and the optical drive can cause some
strance vibrations.

Various upgrades can add noise as well. SOme video card upgrades require a
fan, and they can shriek horribly when about to die. CPU upgrades usually
require a fan, but the included fan is extremely quiet, in my experience.

My cube, upgraded to a 1.35 GHz G4 and one of those whisper quiet Seagate
Barracuda drives, is so quiet that I only notice it if everything else is
turned off, the windows are closed and nobody is talking. Something is
wrong with yours, I think.

Sorry to veer so off topic.