View Full Version : LinkStation as SlimServer... Performance Issues?

Michael Sigalos
2005-03-17, 08:32
Yes, buy.com is retailer I was referring to.

Thanks to everyone for their insight. This looks very promising. I would
like to free up my server, I can always use more storage, and the price
seems right. Just waiting for an answer from Buffalo Tech Support on
whether the unit will function in a windows domain as I've heard rumor that
it doesn't play nice in that environment.

>> Who's running the deep discount on the 160?
>> Marc
> I saw on Techbargins.com earlier this week that Buy.com is offering
> them at $209 with free shipping.
> http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10377699&dcaid=1688
> Looks like the offer is still valid, and its $40 less then Amazon, so
> this might be the deal he was talking about.