View Full Version : Rhapsody (was Slimdevices loosing there edge)

Chris Glushko
2005-03-17, 08:08
> To me the fact that Rhapsody support has been broken
> by the V6 software
> and doesn't look like it's going to get fixed is a
> real worry. I use it
> extensively and to have to lose it may make me look
> elsewhere.

Lack of support for Rhapsody would simply "suck" to
say the least. I'm anxiously awaiting my SB2 and I
don't plan on telling my girlfriend that Rhapsody
might not be supported or else she'd be devastated and
want me to find something else where Rhapsody is
supported. I'm just hoping for the best. I also know
3 other SB users who sold me on the product who all
use Rhapsody. Plus, that has been one of the key
selling points I've used in "selling" the squeezebox
to others.

Rhapsody falls into the unique category of DVRs and
Network Music Players, where once someone tries it,
they wonder how they lived without it. I think formal
Rhapsody support (not just a plugin) would pay off
immensely for Slimdevices.