View Full Version : Why should I return my Roku Soundbridge?

Ben Galanti
2005-03-17, 06:10
> From: Michael Bowyer <mbowyer (AT) mac (DOT) com>
> Date: March 17, 2005 7:14:28 AM EST
> To: discuss (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com
> Subject: [slim] Why should I return my Roku Soundbridge?
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> Ben, I hear you -
> I have a similar conundrum myself, and I'm begining to loose faith. I
> don't have a Linux server full of FLAC or Ogg-Vorbis music in the
> cellar, I have a Mac, iTunes, and a mixture of MP3 and AAC files.

The Slimserver feature list and cross platform capability is
impressive, which is one of the reasons I wanted to support
Slimdevices. But I don't need most of those features, and the ones I do
need don't work as well as I'd hoped.

> AFAIK, SqueezeBox cannot browse/play directly from an iTunes share,
> unless Slim provide DAAP support (http://daap.sourceforge.net/). Until
> they do, you need to run SlimServer - which really just seems like a
> duplication of features already offered by iTunes but with SB support
> and a webbased GUI. SlimServer 6 is in Beta and still requires some
> work, 5.4.1 should be stable but is much slower at searching. The
> advantage of SlimServer (for me) is that it's independant of the
> logged in user.
> Apple also provide a far cheaper hardware solution, with 100% iTunes
> integration - albeit sans display.

With no remote or display, the Airport Express isn't a particularly
good solution for me. I didn't want to have to run upstairs to the
computer every time I wanted music. DAAP support would be nice, but
unless you have client side AAC support, it won't work. Even if you do,
you can run into problems. The Roku reboots itself if it comes across
an ALAC file (I think it thinks it's just a normal AAC file and then
chokes on it). The Squeezebox certainly handles lossless better, I just
don't have a lossless library. Maybe we're in the minority here as to
what we want to do. Or maybe Perl on OS X is more resource intensive
then on other platforms for some reason. I don't know...

ben (AT) galanti (DOT) org