View Full Version : LinkStation as SlimServer... Performance Issues?

2005-03-17, 05:48
Michael Sigalos wrote:
> I have read that a LinkStation can be "hacked" to host SlimServer. For any
> that have done so, may I ask for some feedback on performance?

I'd also be interested in this; but I'd also like to ask those using the
LinkStation, how does it sound?

My situation is that it's quite difficult to run ethernet to somewhere where
an obnoxious server won't bother anyone. I'm currently using an ancient
borrowed G4 Cube - which I'd hoped would be almost silent; unfortunately
it's very noisy. Once I've finished the ripping, I have the choice: either
go through a lot of pain to put the server (whatever hardware it is) out of
the way; or find something that's discreet and quiet enough to live in the
heart of the house.

The Linkstation looks like a greet solution in terms of size - but how does
it sound?


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