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Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-01, 10:59
--- Cerebus the Aardvark <cerebusjam (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> wrote:
> I have a set of FLAC tag/streaminfo reading routines that do not use
> metaflac to obtain the information. These routines are being evolved by Dan
> S. and myself to be incorporated into a CPAN module, and should be done in a
> week or so, depending on our respective work schedules.

This is good news, even though it has obsoleted the FLAC cuesheet
parsing code I had written! :)

> I also have code that does the same sort of information parsing on
> MPC/Musepack audio files, although I know that that audio format is not
> (yet) supported by the server. What is needed for the server to be able to
> support this format? (I assume that we're talking about a multi-platform
> decoder, which I don't think currently exists - there's a LOT of folks using
> non-Windoze platforms here, as I've seen in the last few days, but this
> format appears to currently be windows-only) If I need to contact the
> developers of the format to determine patent issues as well, please let me
> know.

There is source code for the mpc decoder available, and binaries
for win32 and linux. Anyone interested in mpc is likely to already
have a decoder available. For simple support, you would just
have to make sure you have the proper line in convert.conf.

For better support including proper indexing of tags,
you'll have to dig deeper into the code. I would suggest starting
at Info.pm :-)


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