View Full Version : Why is the SB case so underwhwelming designwise?

2005-03-16, 16:36
I think someone from Slim previously indicated that the geek connector
cannot emulate remote control functions.

A 2nd IR reciever might be able to be mounted to the geek connector and then
somehow hack a solution with a remote to send the keypresses.

AFAIK there is no elegant solution to this. I would love it if I could
mount the SB guts into an inexpensive box and put selected remote control
buttons on it to turn it off, do some basic navigation, etc.

Maybe in SB3 we will see something like this.

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> > > Many users have requested some basic hard buttons on the unit for
> > > things like the arrow keys (browsing) power, volume, mute.
> >
> > Or buy an extra remote and glue it in place?
> Is there geekport documentation so that I could, perhaps,
> stuff the SB internals in an old CD component case, and map
> the buttons to it?