View Full Version : Why is the SB case so underwhwelming designwise?

2005-03-16, 14:47
If you increase the size of the text it is enormous and can easily be seen
even 20 feet away. Many users have requested some basic hard buttons on the
unit for things like the arrow keys (browsing) power, volume, mute.

Hopefully some of those things will make it into a product eventually.

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> I need new glasses. I've got the SB over by the stereo where
> the TV amp and speakers are and can't read the display that
> well. I was thinking it would be nice if the display was a
> separate unit from the audio output part. Then I'd be more
> free to arrange the display part where that works best.
> Well, I guess that's what I do now with using my wireless
> laptop for controlling the SB.
> Long as we are throwing design ideas out... A mute/volume
> button on the unit would be nice. Am I the only one that
> puts the remote down and can't seem to find it thirty seconds
> later when the phone rings?
> Maybe I need to install Asterisk and automate that, too. And
> the door bell.
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