View Full Version : Why is the SB case so underwhwelming designwise?

2005-03-16, 14:34
Heh...have I got a silly solution for you.

I had the same issue for a while, so what I did was install
a webcam, pointed it to my slimp3, then injected that coax
signal onto my internal cable tv network at channel 68 or
something, then I could turn my TV to 68 and send my
slimp3 IR commands over the distributed IR network
in my house. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, the
camera died, I got another squeezebox, and never bothered
to get it working again. I may do that just to show it can be


>>> moseley (AT) hank (DOT) org 03/16/05 4:28 PM >>>
I need new glasses. I've got the SB over by the stereo where the TV
amp and speakers are and can't read the display that well. I was
thinking it would be nice if the display was a separate unit from the
audio output part. Then I'd be more free to arrange the display part
where that works best. Well, I guess that's what I do now with using
my wireless laptop for controlling the SB.

Long as we are throwing design ideas out... A mute/volume button on
unit would be nice. Am I the only one that puts the remote down and
can't seem to find it thirty seconds later when the phone rings?
Maybe I need to install Asterisk and automate that, too. And the door

Bill Moseley
moseley (AT) hank (DOT) org