View Full Version : OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware

2005-03-16, 12:51
> So by streaming oggs as lossless, you use more resources and
> do not gain anything.
> If all your network/computer do is squeezebox - BFD.
> But Linux users tend to have a lot more going on, and also
> often tend to use older computers as headless boxes for
> things like slimserver - where the cpu load will make a
> difference (especially if same box is being used for DNS and
> mail and ... as well)

You should file this as a bug/enhancement request and then you can petition
all of your friends to vote on it to see if it can be implemented.

However, as many have told you, the CPU requirements of transcoding are
minimal and transcoding to a lossless format for delivery is an excellent
solution for most users.

Those who might panic over a small additional overhead on the cpu when
playing music (remember that a cheap 1ghz Celeron box can easily support 6-8
players even WITH transcoding) or a small additional load on the network and
who refuse to transcode their music might best look elsewhere for a music
solution. It took Slim a very long time to add native FLAC support to SB
(and actually had to come out with SB2 to do it) so I wouldn't hold my
breath on the addition of another native codec.