View Full Version : Why is the SB case so underwhwelming designwise?

2005-03-16, 09:27
I agree... Snazzy cases sell products as the success of the Roku and Apple
iPod demonstrate. But we don't know what Slm's plan is. They might need to
sell 1,000 SB2's to help get the capital to invest in a new case design.
With small companies that don't have huge financial backing that is often
how these things work.

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> Don't get me wrong - I am not here to bash or inflame. SB has
> a great display, great software, a pretty good UI, and a
> healthy fanatical base, but the hard truth is the case needs
> to evolve - someday. IMHO, it needs to happen sooner rather
> than later. Perhaps the primary goal of Slim is to do the
> development and they are waiting until the product reaches a
> certain milestone before they invest in a better, nicer case.
> I would encourage them to step back and start plotting the
> trajectory for the case design where people are bowled over.
> Since I have been messing around with the SB project, I have
> seen slim server go to 5.4, which is a huge advance. I have
> seen the display improve substantially with the graphical
> display. It's time that they up the ante - spend a little
> cash on some industrial design and make a case that doesn't
> look like a refuge from 1970.
> Jim