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2005-03-16, 08:41
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> Pat Farrell wrote:
> > The problem with open source is that the contributors want
> to do the
> > cool stuff, especially when it is pretty easy.
> > Redesigning the basic engine is hard, slow, and has zero sizzle
> Well, most people would say the same thing about an operating
> system kernel. Yet Linux routinely runs for months without panicking.
> > So 6.* is the first major redesign, and 7.* will likely be
> a lot more
> > like you'd want.
> I'm beginning to think whether maybe it's time to think about
> a complete server rewrite from scratch, probably in C rather
> than Perl. The menus would be ugly and simple, but the system
> would actually *work* without being restarted several times
> per day, without unpredictable 5 second pauses during
> playback, etc, etc.

Slimserver 5.x has for me often run for months at a stretch with absolutely
no intervention on my part. People who have numerous crashes per day might
want to look at their hardware/software config on their box.