View Full Version : Crazy squeezebox idea as a thermostat?

2005-03-16, 05:30
>>> karn (AT) ka9q (DOT) net 03/16/05 5:06 AM >>>

>A Squeezebox is a device to play digital music over a network
>from a server. Period. If you want a networked thermostat,
>go buy a thermostat designed to be networked. They *do* exist.

I realize they exist. I have two of them, waiting to be installed.
But, since the only thing they do is detect a temp/humidty and
send a simple command to either turn the heat on or off, turn
the cooling on or off, or turn the humidity on or off, these are
relatively simple commands. I thought since I already was
planning to put squeezeboxen very close to where all the
thermostats are, this would be a nice integration.

>Geez. No wonder the Slimserver software is so bloated and
>$#@! unreliable... it's amazing the Slim Devices folks have
>managed to keep the Squeezebox hardware as simple as it
>is against this kind of creature feep.

That's the beauty of this idea. It requires *no* additional
functionality beyond what my original slimp3 has. All I need
is some additional time to figure it out, but mother nature and
Murphy have other plans in mind. A geek port exists for
a very good reason - it is a geek kit at heart. Now I'm
going to go off and figure out how to control my newly purchased
antique coin-op Dixie-Narco coke machine with this thing...