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Craig, James (IT)
2005-03-16, 02:58
I raised a bug for this yesterday because the iTunes scan is far from

My experience is that it's 60% slower on the initial scan and 420%
slower on rescans.



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Quoting Mike Reeve <reeve_mike (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>:

> Hi
> SlimServer_v2005-03-11.dmg + OS X 10.3.8 + approx. 3000 songs:
> - "Rescan" takes a couple of minutes
> SlimServer_v2005-03-15.dmg (and 03-14 also):
> - "Rescan" never seems to end (waited approx. 4 hours) ...
> What is(are) the best debug option(s) to turn on
> to provide info to help debug this?

--d_info, --d_scan and if you are using itunes, --d_itunes

The iTunes scan, initially will take a bit longer than in 5.4.1 because
of a
recently uncovered bug where itunes was not supplying all the correct
information that is required by slimserver. Thus, itunes serves up the
list of
songs, with its version of metadata and the server still has to do a
read on
each file to fill in the blanks.