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Chris May
2005-03-15, 16:22
I hooked a SB1 to a tube pre-amp, and WOW what a difference!

I was using a VAC pre-amp, their cheap one - about $2500ish. This was
using theinternal DAC and analog out on the SB. I cannot wait to hear
what the SB2 will sound like!



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Karel Tromp wrote:
> ...The Apogee Mini-DAC is also
> named as an excellent DAC for signals from CD, PC (yes) and other
> digital devices.

I used to work for Apogee, so I'm biased (which way?), but their stuff
is very good indeed.
They often have specials of one sort or another, at:

The Mini-DAC is nice because it's relatively inexpensive, small and
portable but their rack-mount devices are excellent too.

--Richard E