View Full Version : OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-15, 15:14
>It's a business decision.


>If they supported ogg decoding in the player, they may get more customers.


>Would there be enough to offset the cost?


>Possibly - if for no other reason then there would be slashdot buzz about

I'd think the fact that the whole server source code is available under the
GPL would generate more /. buzz than a native ogg decoder.

>I also am having trouble understanding why you are opposed to it - did
>an ogg file damage your hard drive or something?

I'm not opposed to it really, I just think your reasons for wanting it
included are beside the point, but:

The sb is a device designed to keep maximum functionality at the server,
hackable by everyone, and a bare minimum in the squeezebox firmware, which
is closed source. Complicating the firmware by moving functionality to it
might not be a good thing.

The native ogg decoder might not be as good or as often updated as the
host-side one.

The native ogg decoder will cost time and money to implement and I'd rather
have some bugs fixed.

I'm not at all against ogg support - there is ogg support already and it's
nice to have. What I'm against is adding functionality to the firmware that
the server can do just as well.