View Full Version : OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware

2005-03-15, 15:08
> More customers though is a good thing, right?
> Would there be enough to offset the cost?
> Possibly - if for no other reason then there would be
> slashdot buzz about it, giving free advertising to
> slimdevices (and not just for ogg
> users)

I think that there are numerous stability and performance enhancements many
of us would like too see before they spend the time and effort implementing
hardware support for a codec that does not have wide spread support. I do
agree however that Slim needs more/better advertising or put someone in
charge of PR, Roku seems to be killing them which is a shame.

> I really can not imagine it would be difficult to support ogg
> in the firmware.

Then maybe you could contact Slim Devices directly about your desires...
They might be willing to put you to work on adding this if you are
interested in doing it for them as a contribution to the project.

> I also am having trouble understanding why you are opposed to
> it - did an ogg file damage your hard drive or something?
> It wouldn't take anything away from you or how you use
> slimdevices - it would open up slimdevices to more people.
> Yes, there would be a cost - it would take a developer some
> time, a QA guy some time, a developer to fix what the QA guy
> found, and the occasional bugs after release. Would the ROI
> be worth it? I think it would.
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