View Full Version : OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-15, 14:47
>While true - it would mean the Red Hat/Fedora would be shipping a
>product for which they do not ship the capability for users to use,
>the users would have to encode their mp3's elsewhere - and I think you
>can understand why they would not want to do that.

No, I can't, not at all. For the sake of argument let's say users could not
install lame.
Users could still play their existing .mp3s (just not encode new ones) and
anything they encode themselves in other codecs (.ogg, .flac) The only
capability that is missing is the ability to encode to .mp3 - and that was
never a part of the slimserver+sb product to begin with.

>The software they ship rips to ogg. That means the users would be
>required to broadcast as lossless - or install third party software to
>transcode their ogg to mp3 for the streaming.

Ah, so what? What you're saying is that slimdevices should spend time and
mony on adapting tremor to the sb2 just because RedHat doesn't ship
something you want out of the box.