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Steinar Bjaerum
2005-03-15, 14:45
Sorry for not replying earlier. I missed your post on this busy list...

What I did, was that I downloaded a WAV encoded DTS file from
(I did not rip a CD)

When sending the original WAV file through Squeezebox to my Home Theater
receiver I only heard noise.

I then modified the WAV file by reading it into Matlab, inverting the signs,
and writing to a new file.
This sign-inverted file played back correctly.


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> > Hi.
> >
> > I investigated the bit-correctness of the digital output of Squeezebox
> using
> > the DTS encoded as WAV method:
> >
> > I downloaded a DTS sample file encoded as a 44.1kHz WAV file.
> > I made a second version of the file where the sign was inverted for all
> > samples.
> > I connected the digital out of my Squeezebox to my hometheater receiver.
> >
> > Results when playing the WAVs on Squeezebox:
> > File with original sign results in only noise being played.
> > File with inverted sign is identified as DTS by my receiver and plays
> > correctly.
> > Conclusion: Squeezebox has bit-correct output except for inverted sign
> > (inverted phase).
> This was not what I experienced, unless for some reason the entire DTS CD
> that I had was phase-inverted and I didn't know it, either originally or
> by
> Exact Audio Copy. Or my preamp just accepts it anyway? I haven't played
> it
> in a couple of months, so I'll check it again. I'm using 5.4.0 now on Win
> XP.
> How did you invert the sign to create the second version of the file?
> Ed