View Full Version : Memory footprint with 6.0b1

James Dunn
2005-03-15, 14:41

I have a RH 7.2 system with 512MB memory in it
I have 6.0b1 installed and 5676 tracks in it.
I'm using MySQL as the database and It's nicely populated.
I've iTunes disabled (and I've even renamed the XML file so that it can't be

Everything generally works fine (unless I explore outside of the core "play
music" a bit) but I still have a 56MB memory footprint for slimserver.
Shouldn't this be smaller now?

I think I may still be using a cache file somewhere but I can't see how to
turn it off if this is the case. I have some strange behaviour that may
provide a clue to this... Despite disabling iTunes, some of the iTunes
playlists are visible although the formatting is a bit screwed up. Where I
use "iT:" as my iTunes playlist identifier, the display shows
"itunesplaylist:"; the playlist name is separated by the untranslated "%20"
rather than " "; all the playlists are empty.