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2005-03-15, 07:59
Do you also find it silly that hardly any portable players even support OGG?

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> Interesting discussion. BTW, what is this KRUD (wink and nod
> to our friends at tummy.com) about FEDORA being a commercial
> distribution? It is not.
> The topic is a request to have OGG in firmware. I remember
> when MP3 was dropped from the distro. While I didn't switch
> my entire library like one poster did, the change caused me
> to investigate OGG and I found that I liked it. All my new
> stuff is in the OGG format. I even went out and got an
> IRIVER jukebox specifically because it supported OGG. I
> think it is silly my PC needs to transcode all my OGG stuff
> just to play on my squeezebox.
> There is no way ANYONE can tell me that is more efficient
> then just running in firmware.
> And this stuff about endless bandwidth and disk space. Hey,
> OGG works fine for me and I'm not interested in taking up
> more disk space for music. And I agree with that other
> poster that I would not have FLAC for the squeezebox and then
> OGG for my IRIVER. I don't want to screw with having to
> figure out hey, I want to play this song on my Iriver so I
> need to have another copy in OGG for it and the FLAC copy for
> my squeezebox. PLEASE, how LAME (pun
> intended) is that.
> So SLIMDEVICES when are you going to support OGG in firmware?
> I want it and I want it NOW (or at least in the near future, please.)