View Full Version : OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-15, 04:13
> > While this is true, bandwidth / size is not really an issue any more in
> > kind of stationary setup. Harddisk sizes are such that even encoding
> > CDs in a lossless codec is hardly worth the effort anymore - if it
> > for tagging support I'm sure some people would just rip to .wav and be
> > with it.
>I'm not sure that's true.
>If it were not for flac - my archive drive for ripped music would be
>overful and I would need two drives.

Sure, 50% compression will yield you double the music. But a lossy codec
will yield you perhaps ten times as much music. Yet you use flac - becauise
it saves you from reripping, because of tagging and because it is SMALL
ENOUGH. If 1 TB drives were $100 (and they will be, in the
not-too-distant-future), perhaps even raw storage is SMALL ENOUGH.

>The other issue is backup - compressed means less media is needed for
>backing up your archive.

Notice that I wasn't arguing agianst compression per se, but against using
lossy compression on a device where storage and memory is not severely

Even the size of the backup media increases. Backing up .flac to CD was not
very viable - you wouldn't always get two albums on one disk. With 4.5 GB
DVDRs it's manageable, with 9 GB ones comfortable.