View Full Version : Album Covers getting mixed up on Slim Server

Andrew Smith
2005-03-14, 17:07
I have been adding album covers to some of the albums I have downloaded
onto SlimServe.

I download from CD using EAC with Lame encoder. I then use Tag & Rename
to add the album cover. Some of the album covers appear correctly on
the SlimServer software. But on others the same album cover appears for
ALL albums by a certain artist.

I have even gone back into Tag & rename and removed all the album covers
for that artist and still the album cover appears even though it has
been removed!!!

Is there a file within the SlimServe software or within the Tag & Rename
software that has perhaps got corrupt? Would be happy to remove all
album covers and start entering then all again.

I am currently running SlimServe 5.4.0, because I had a number of
problems when I tried installing 6.0b1

If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Andrew Smith