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Chris May
2005-03-14, 16:49
If your speakers are making a slight hiss, you probably have a ground
fault looop. There are things, power conditioners, kinda like surge
protectors that can help get rid of those.

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On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 04:19:18PM -0400, Chris Mason wrote:
> Use a programmable remote and remote controlled power switch.
> Alternatively, the quiescent current draw of an amp is minimal, why
> bother?

That's been my current method -- just leave it running. The speakers
make a little noise, though, when not in use which is why I was asking.
Not sure where that noise is coming from. Plus, the power amp is in a
location where it's not easy to reach the switch.

When I first bought that amp the sales person told me that it was best
to leave the amp on to make the amp last longer and to make it more

I called Adcom and talked with one of the engineers who basically said
that was all hogwash. He said the damage to the amp was heat over a
long time (the capacitors wore out) and said it was better to power it
off. And that the amp was stable within seconds of powering on -- at
least for a range that anyone would be able to hear. But, we both
agreed that over the life of the amp it probably wouldn't make any
difference either way.

BTW -- this is probably a FAQ, and also for another topic, but why are
the remotes IR? A few years back I bought an X10 "Mouse Remote" that I
have hooked up one machine. It uses a simple perl script to read the
remote key presses (which I use to use to run xmms, for example). But
it sure was nice having an RF remote -- and impressive range, too.
Great for those backyard parties.

I suspect it's trivial to get that X10 remote to control a squeezebox.

Bill Moseley
moseley (AT) hank (DOT) org