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Chris Mason
2005-03-14, 13:48
The MX-700 is programmed with the MX Editor software but does not allow the
imput of Hex codes, only pre-programmed libraries or learned codes. One has
to have a remote that will generate the code in order to learn it.

The re-assignable codes will make possible what I need. If I reassign
power_toggle to power_on, I think that will work. I have no need for a
power_off function, the Squeezebox can stay on all the time.

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> "Chris Mason" wrote
> > I have no idea what that is. The MX-700 can only learn from IR codes
> > transmitted from the remote. I think you must be thinking
> of a different
> > system.
> I believe the MX-700 has a port in the side of it for
> computer programming.
> That's probably what Marc's referring to.
> Either way, he's right that the squeezebox supports discrete
> on and off.
> You can turn on -d_ir and monitor the IR codes that the squeezebox is
> receiving on each keypress (it understands codes from virtually any ir
> device, it just ignores any that aren't ascribed
> functionality in it's .ir
> files), then use those codes to create a new .ir file that
> responds to any
> ir codes (not just JVC codes). There are many functions that
> aren't present
> on the squeezebox remote but which are supported (discrete
> on/off are just
> one of those functions). Take a look at the .ir file and the
> default.map
> file, you'll see pretty quickly how it works.