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Chris May
2005-03-14, 11:59
A new company, control4, has come out with some nice home automation
stuff. The nice thing is that it is all IP based. So you could set up a
webpage to control the amp and SqueezeBox, and lots of other stuff. I'm
looking to automate a whole house audio system...


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I write a lot of automation code for my job that often invovles
automated power-cycling devices via network-accessible power switches
(in my case, via telnet). The power switches I use have 8 outlets and
cost about $600, so that's overkill for your needs, but at least in
theory it would work like this:

power amp plugged into networked power switch

squeezebox is configured to execute a remote script when hitting a
particular button on the remote (i've never done that, but search the
archives on it--there has been discussion recently about how to do this)

the remote script logs into the network power switch and powers it

what would be really cool is if it could happen when you hit the
squeezebox remote's power button-- i.e., when you hit power to turn it
on, it turns on the squeezebox and turns on the power amp. when you hit
power to turn it off, it powers down the amp followed by the

if you get this rolling, post how you did it to this list. I'm curious.


Bill Moseley wrote:
> I have a sb1 connected directly to an Adcom GFA 535-II power amp. It
> doesn't have an IR remote.
> Anyone have a suggestion how to get squezzebox to turn on and off the
> amp's power?
> Any suggestions?