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Dan Goodinson
2005-03-14, 05:16
They are also hyper-sensitive to wireless interference. I had this
problem some time ago (and still see it occasionally). I think the
worst of it (for me) was down to interference.

This might explain why you encounter the problem in your new house -
maybe your neighbours use a cordless phone, "leaky" microwave, or wi-fi
network. For me, I am almost certain that someone close-by has a
cordless phone or "leaky" microwave. Changing to channel 13 has almost
eradicated the problem, although it still sometimes reboots for no
apparent reason.

BTW - I mention that the SB seems to be "hyper" sensitive due to the
fact that (as far as I can tell) none of my computers have ever been so
badly affected by any interference - none INSIDE the house, at any rate.
I have a PC in e room outside the house, and this is hit quite badly by
interference - I upgraded to a mono-directional antenna from D-Link, and
that seems to have cured the problem.

Maybe try replacing your antenna with a mono-direction one (it's a small
flat panel thing that you point towards the router/access point). It
minimises interference very well...

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There's two things that wil cause you endless problems that are hard to
Power glitches will affect the squeezebox much quicker than any other
equipment because of the small PSU. Put them on a real UPS and test.

Bad PSU's will cause you lots of bother, swap with a known good one.

Monitor the DC voltage into the unit, the Squeezebox has poor tolerance
to low voltages.

Chris Mason

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