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2004-09-10, 03:14
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> slimserver goesaway
> looks like Vidur missed a function reference change. this
> error is caused when
> the server tries to access slimdevices to check for updates.
> to avoid this,
> probably have to edit your prefs file to say:
> checkVersion = 0
> or, grab yesterday's nightly and extract
> Slim/Web/RemoteStream.pm from that,
> copy to your Slim/Web/

RemoteStream.pm is there.

> third, you could try editing slimserver.pl, line 748 to say:
> my $sock = Slim::Player::Source::openRemoteStream($url);
> however, I haven't looked over this enough to know if that's
> a simple swap.

It already says this.

> having said that, and being updated myself, I'm not missing
> RemoteStream.pm and
> didn't have the problem. However, I dont always let cvs
> delete files on me :)

Hmmm. Something strange going on. No time to debug now. Will investigate later.

One thing I did notice, I was tailing the slimserver.log file while playing an
mp4 file and noticed that when I skipped a track back or forwards the previous
track didn't stop decoding - it kept going until the file finished (at faster
then real-time).