View Full Version : Softsqueeze 2.0a11 issue

David Makoski
2005-03-13, 16:37
Not sure how to append to this list but in regards to
the format of my music it's all Apple lossless audio.

>Just downloaded and installed 6.0b1 and am trying to
>get Softsqueeze 2.0a11 working.
A number of bugs have been fixed with Softsqueeze
since 6.0b1, including
some I have just sorted out tonight. I would recommend
trying tomorrow's
nightly release for Softsqueeze.

>But when I play any of my music all I get is static.
>Now if I play internet radio (Squeezebox picks) I get
>static then it plays.
I have not heard about this problem before. What
format is your music
collection in?