View Full Version : Softsqueeze problems in latest nightly

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-13, 11:41
>I am having some issues with the latest nightly and getting softsqueeze
>to>work. The server installation is the 3-13 nightly on FC2 Linux and I
>installed the version of softsqueeze bundled with it. The client is a
>Windows XP SP2 PC running the latest Java 2 JRE.
>Whenever I launch Softsqueeze it asks me to install the Java MP3 plugin,
>however when I attempt to load this the install won't progress past the
>point where it wants to know the second directory for JRE installation.
>Softsqueeze itself seems to work but the audio output is almost inaudible,
>even if I turn up speakers, max the slider for output, etc. Additionally
>everytime I start up softsqueeze the server sees this as a completely new
>instance of the player (I now have 8 of them showing up in my players list
>on the server).

I confirm this exact behaviour. Server is on Debian testing, ver 6.0b1 -