View Full Version : Squeezeboxes randomly rebooting

Andy Dannelley
2005-03-13, 09:59
> * Scott Davies shaped the electrons to say...
>> Windows XP. I'm pretty sure I've had the problem occur while the
>> SlimServer was running on either my laptop (XP Pro SP2) or my desktop
>> (XP Home, no SP).
> ...snipage

*** In reply, Dan Sully said ...

> I'm not sure at this point - but I believe I've at least narrowed it
> down to
> the server being on Windows.

Not just Windows, I have been experiencing similar behavior on Mac OS X
10.3.5. The problem seemed to start when I installed Slimserver 5.4
and the firmware that goes with it.

I have two Squeezeboxen and one Slimp3 I think, (not positive though)
that it is the Squeezeboxen that are exhibiting the beahvior.

I had a similar problem with Slimsever 4.x where the Squeezeboxen and
Slimp3 would randomly stop, and not restart, ( I had to manually
restart them and they didn't reboot, I was just able to restart the
music by pressing Play or advance to next song on the remote (->>) on
any synched player) now it seems that the stopping, rebooting and
restart happens more frequently than before. It is totally random (as
far as I can tell) sometimes it may go for hours without rebooting,
then do it several times in a row.

When it stops, all the devices stop playing, I do not think all reboot,
but typically one of the Squeezeboxen will reboot and then the music
will restart with the song that was playing and synchronized on all
devices. The behavior also occurs when either of the Squeezeboxen are
playing alone (usually not playing the Slimp3 alone)

My Music network is a separate network from my normal network. The
network consists of an iMac G4 FP, 800 MHZ 768MB RAM running Mac OS X
10.3.5 (dedicated to serving music on Slimserver), an Airport express
and two wireless Squeezeboxen and a Slinm3 with a WET-11 wireless
network adapter. This is all that is on the music network and it is on
channel 1 and my other network is on channel 7. Activity on the other
(non-music) network seems to have no effect as I experience as many
restarts when the other network is quiet as when very, very busy, so I
don't think there is network interactivity.

I hope this other data point will help to isolate the problem.