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2005-03-13, 09:33
Transcoding to FLAC requires very little overhead and is lossless, so what
is the problem? Ogg support would be nice but it's without a doubt the
least used format out there (even apple lossless seems to have more
devotees) and slim is providing a totally accepteable solution (transcoding
to a lossless format).

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> Subject: [slim] OGG VORBIS Support in Firmware
> I have opened a feature request (Bug 1061) as follows:
> "Native support of OGG VORBIS format in firmware. I've read
> that FLAC is now supported in Slimserver2. My friends and I
> have been waiting for native OGG VORBIS support. It is a drag
> to have to incur the overhead and increased bandwidth
> requirements to convert to WAV. The option to use LAME to convert to
> MP3 kind of defeats the purpose of having a OGG library in
> the first place. If we wanted MP3 we would have encoded in
> that format in the first place. What are the plans to
> support the OGG VORBIS format in firmware?"
> I received a prompt response:
> "SB2 has the option of transcoding to FLAC rather than MP3.
> This gives you the bandwidth benefits of compression without
> the quality loss of MP3. It's not quite the same as Ogg
> Vorbis in firmware, but I'm hoping it's a reasonable stopgap measure."
> Does anyone have any additional information if this support
> is being seriously considered; and the timeframe that it may
> be implemented? I would think my friends and I aren't the
> only ones using this format, esp. with the advent of OGG
> support in various radio feeds, various portable devices,
> etc. Is this something that cannot be supported in SB2, and
> could only be made available in SB3, SB4 or SBx?