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Johnny Stork
2005-03-12, 21:41
Ahh, thats understandable...I will give it a shot with your suggestions....and thanks. I wish I could have 30 hour days cause I could use that extra 6 for the things I would like to contribute to....like helping with slimserver docs...

Cheers :) and EEEHAAAA for the version 2 squeezebox....mine will be ordered soon

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* Johnny Stork shaped the electrons to say...

>How hard can this be, there must be some docs somewhere for setting up
>slimserver with Mysql? All I could see anywhere are the default settings
>in slimserver.conf using dbi:SQLite. So whats needed to point this to
>Mysql? Why are there no database settings options in the GUI?

Johnny - there is no documentation because MySQL is not officially supported.

We're a small company, and only have the resources to dedicate to one
database backend right now. We do allow you the flexibility of using a
different backend however.

Your best bet is to ask on the developers list.

The quick answer is:


in the config file. Read the man page for DBD::mysql

As always - patches welcome, either for documentation, or UI configuration.

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