View Full Version : Installing multiple versions of Slimserver on RH9

Leon Yu
2005-03-12, 16:06
I read in a previous posting that I can keep 5.4 and
experiment with 6.0x by avoiding the RPMs and
installing 6.0 from the tar.gz files. Here's what I've
been doing:

1. Copy the tarball into my user home directory.
2. tar -zxvf SlimServer_v2005-03-12.tar.gz
3. chown --R on the new SlimServer_v2005-03-12
directory so the current user has rwx permissions.
4. Make sure the current 5.4 server is stopped.
5. Start 6.0 using ./slimserver.pl --daemon

The server starts and seems to work, although it does
eventually crash (not worried about that yet), but I
get the folowing message:

Use of uninitialized value in string eq at
line 17.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also have a few additional questions, mostly related
to general use of Linux.

1. How do I go about getting 6.0 to run as a user
other than root? I tried ./slimserver.pl --user
usernamehere but maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree?

2. How do I go about changing things so that 6.0
starts at boot instead of 5.4? I'm learning Linux a
little at at time but I'm thinking it has something to
do with removing the symlink for slimserver from the
appropriate runlevel script folder, in this case
/etc/rc.d/rc5.d. Am I in the right ball park?

3. Do I need to run 6.0 as a unique user and not as
user slimserver, since slimserver is the user for my
5.4 installation?

4. I was under the impression that I could find
preferences and cache folders within the newly created
installation folder /home/user/SlimServer_v2005-03-12.
But it looks like the cache is located in
/usr/local/slimserver/Cache/home/user and the prefs
are located...argh..somewhere else, can't find it
right now. My question is this: As I add and remove
various installations, are there places within the
file structure that I should be cleaning up? I'm used
to Windows uninstall routines (which don't always
remove everything), how do I complete the uninstall
process in Linux?

I'm running RH 9 on a PIII 550 with 192 megs RAM.

Thanks for any help.