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James Dunn
2005-03-12, 13:52

Server info:
RH 7.1
Celeron 1.1
512Mb memory.
About 5500 tracks.
6 x Slimp3s
1 x Squeezebox

Playing music in one room only (I think - unless my wife was doing something). The server is dedicated to Slimserver and the process is niced to prioritise over everything else. No other apps or UI interaction.

I've just re-started the server service and I have the same problem (even after leaving for about 20 mins).



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* James Dunn shaped the electrons to say...

>Sorry - 6.0b1 and IE 6.0

Ok - and what was the server doing whilst the cpu hog was happening? Playing
music? Paused? Nothing at all?

Are you running XP or 2000?


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