View Full Version : 6.0b1 - Web interface hogging CPU

James Dunn
2005-03-12, 13:25

I donít normally use the web interface at all so Iím not sure if this is a
consistent problemÖ.

My server service has been running for about 5 hours and, whilst the web
interface was OK to start with, it now hogs 100% bandwidth, killing the
music. The initial draw and updates run v-e-r-y slowly and Iíve never been
patient enough to let them complete (more than 20 secs). Kill the browser
and the CPU runs at about 80-90% for about 10 seconds afterwards before
recovering and operating normally (about 17-20%) with music OK again.

RH 7.1 (I think)
Celeron 1.1 with about 512MB memory.