View Full Version : PDA / Handheld problems in 6.0b1

2005-03-12, 10:47
Peter [po (AT) dsinet (DOT) dk] wrote:
> I use a PDA to control my Slimserver, and in 6.0b1 (and
> nightly) the handheld skin gives me some trouble: I can't
> select an album for playback / add to playlist, and I can't
> select a cover when using "Browse Artwork". I've reinstalled
> 5.4.1 and here it works ok.

I have had similar problems with 6.0a2 on a Pocket PC. It does not work with
the Microsoft's built in browser. However, it does work with the NetFront
browser (http://nfppc.access.co.jp/english/). It also does not matter which
skin I use. See the following thread for more information: