View Full Version : Superfast Ogg (was French radio stations)

Simon Turner
2005-03-12, 08:28
> >> FIP : http://ogg.tv-radio.fr:1441/encoderfip.ogg
> This is a totally stock 5.4.1 SlimServer setup on OS X 10.3.8
> (I was just about to attempt the installation of AlienBBC,
> but haven't started yet).
> This was also the first time that I've (knowingly) tried an
> ogg stream; however, I've since tried the Virgin radio stream
> URL that Phil Karn recently posted, and that seems to play fine.
> Could someone else try one of the above URLs (I've been
> concentrating on France Info and FIP) and see if it works for them?

I attempted to listen to FIP (Brighton's favourite radio station!) some time
ago but got the chipmunk sound so gave up. I've just tried it again and
still it play very fast. However, it works just fine in Foobar2000 (but just
about everything seems to play correctly in Foobar).
XP, Slimserever vs 5.4.

Simon Turner
Barcombe UK