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2005-03-12, 06:43
on 12/3/05 8:11 am, Phil Karn wrote

> Has anyone tried to listen to Virgin Radio (London) on their Ogg Vorbis
> streams?
> The streams are:
> http://ogg.smgradio.com/vr160.ogg
> http://ogg.smgradio.com/vc160.ogg
> http://ogg.smgradio.com/gr160.ogg
> Their equivalent MP3 streams work fine, but their Ogg streams close at
> the end of each song. At first I thought they were kicking people off
> intentionally, but a little packet tracing showed that slimserver, not
> Virgin's server, is closing the TCP connection.
> I also see this message in slimserver.log each time it happens:
> Only one logical bit stream currently supported

I tried this - mainly as a way of investigating my problem with listening to
French radio .ogg streams - and I get the same message in the log, but the
sound keeps on playing for the next song. Sounds a bit repetitive, but I
think that's the nature of the music (writes an old git). So maybe the two
things aren't related?

Could you do me a favour and try this stream:

On my system (SB1, SS 5.4.1, OS X 10.3.8), this plays at many times the
correct rate - do you get the same result?


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