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Allan Hise
2005-03-12, 01:37
I don't know about you, but when I'm in "Snooze mode" there is no possible
way I would hit that tiny red button on the remote before my wife started
hitting me and telling me to turn off the music. There is a reason snooze
buttons are big...

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Ben Gladstone wrote:

> how about: for an hour after an alarm a short hit on the red remote
> button = snooze 10 mins?
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> Is it possible to rig something up to the Geekport on the SB1 that will
> act as a snooze button for an alarm clock? I'm not afraid of a bit of
> light soldering or light perl hacking to make this work, if anyone has
> any ideas.
> Ideally, I'd end up with a nice big button I can bat in a state of
> semi-sleep. Possibly two -- one for snooze, one for off, though I
> suppose a click-hold could be used for off. Everything else (setting
> the alarm time and playlist) can be done with the remote or web
> interface, since I'll be awake when doing that part.