View Full Version : Virgin Radio Ogg Vorbis streaming problems

Phil Karn
2005-03-12, 01:11
Has anyone tried to listen to Virgin Radio (London) on their Ogg Vorbis

The streams are:


Their equivalent MP3 streams work fine, but their Ogg streams close at
the end of each song. At first I thought they were kicking people off
intentionally, but a little packet tracing showed that slimserver, not
Virgin's server, is closing the TCP connection.

I also see this message in slimserver.log each time it happens:

Only one logical bit stream currently supported

This message, plus the fact that the problem always occurs during the
segue between songs, suggested to me that Virgin sends separate streams
for each song, they overlap during the transition, and this overlap
apparently isn't supported by oggdec. Does anyone know of an Ogg Vorbis
stream decoder that does work in this application?

I wonder if *anyone* is listening to Virgin's Ogg streams. It's a shame,
since the audio quality is noticeably better than their 128k MP3 stream.

I'll probably dig into this problem myself, but I wanted to see if
anyone else has solved it first.