View Full Version : Rhapsody on Slim

2005-03-11, 22:35
Let me pipe in on this.

Right now I am listening to a great CD on Rhapsody I accidentally came
across called 'Blues in the Night'

I came across this because I was listening to Best of 72 Rhapsody Playlist.
Which made me realize why Aretha Franklin is so great. So while browsing
through Aretha I came across this great collection. (somebody by the name of
Johnny Adams playing some slick guitar right now). Maybe next I'll put on
the new Green Day or maybe some old Tom Waits. I'll skip songs when I want
to. I'll browse their million plus tracks and it sounds great as well.

Shoutcast is okay, I listen to KPIG for 30 minutes every morning. But I
have been spoiled by my Squeezebox. I want to hear just the music I want.

Rhapsody is what makes my Squeezebox Rock, all for the cost of 3 Lattes a
month. IMHO, I cannot understand why Rhapsody is not on Slimdevices list of
supported plugins. Especially, since according to the author, it just needs
a bit of work.

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