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Ben Gladstone
2005-03-11, 10:50
i'm with jack - if it's too easy to snooze i never get up

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Marc Sherman wrote:
> Ben Gladstone wrote:
>> how about: for an hour after an alarm a short hit on the red remote
>> button = snooze 10 mins?
> I guess I wasn't clear in my first mail. A remote control isn't
> an acceptable physical interface for a snooze button. You have to
> it (it's small, and tends to fall between the pillows if you were
> listening to music as you fell asleep the night before), you have to
> point it in the right direction, and you have to find the tiny little
> button with your thumb, all while half asleep.
> What I want to do is a _hardware_ hack to wire up a nice big button to

> sit beside the squeezebox. Like maybe one of these:
> http://www.adinstruments.com/products/product.php?id=MLA91
> - Marc

easier it is to work, more likely you are to ignore it. Now that's a
snooze button:

I don't know what sort of command set the geek connector gives you, but
soldering a big button to it is probably the best way to go at this.


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