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2005-03-11, 10:27
Rather than soldering hardware to a Squeezebox, why don't you make a
stand-alone button with a battery & an IR transmitter? It'd be more work
to build something that can send a code, but a nice BIG mashable red button
has possibilities beyond just snooze. You could mount the button anywhere
you wanted. Use nice, bright LEDs so the signal bounces well; it's not
like power consumption from transmitting should be an issue with only one
function (how often do you hit snooze?)

Sort of a universal remote control, with an emphasis on ergonomics over
functionality. Use it in the living room to turn off your TV, or next to
your kilowatt audiophile stereo to instantly crank your favorite
head-banger music full volume, whatever somebody single function is most
important to the user. Would make an interesting project.

In the alarm category, I once saw an alarm clock that was soft and padded,
and had motion sensors; you turned it off by throwing it across the room.
Now that was intuitive ergonomics! But not a modification I'd recommend
attempting on a Squeezebox :-)

- Paul
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