View Full Version : gapless playback with mp3 - another shot

Familie Tromp
2005-03-11, 01:17
Hello again,

I have gained some information from an excellent website thanks to Leo
Davidson (!) where all is pointed out included with some samples:


For an example of the soundible click or gap listen to the first
wave-forms. As you can see, a little gap is visible between the two

Par. 4.1 third alinea:

"Some MP3 encoders, such as newer versions of LAME (at least in VBR
mode), and encoders for other formats such as Ogg Vorbis, write a tag
to the front of each file specifying exactly how long it is. This hint
will help a player do gapless playback, provided it knows to look for
it. The Rio Karma portable player does this. The free Foobar2000
software for the PC also does it, and there are third-party plugins
for Winamp which do the same."

I think with info from this site and that of lame topped with a bit of
digging in de mp3 file it must be possible to play mp3 flawlessy.

Can anyone of the programmers react on this?


Karel Tromp