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Dondi Fusco
2005-03-10, 15:17
My $.02 as to Universal Remotes.... My Harmony 768 has
performed flawlessly for my for more than a year now
and controls EVERYTHING I own... even my appliances,
downloads TV listings, controls the SB, LCD-TV, VCR,
DVD player, Windows Media Cntr Edition, lights, air
conditioner, fireplace, thermostat, stereo and all
linked to activities, so if I wanted to create an
activity lets say.... 'Play Reggae music with
visualizations'... the remote would cycle through the
LCD-TV's inputs, select INPUT PC, select DIGITAL2 on
the HomeTheater, navigate to MyMusic inside Windows
Media Center, select the correct playlist, hit PLAY
and then cycle down to the VISUALIZATIONS button and
select that to turn on the psychadelic Vizs in MCE,
all with a single press of a button... kinda cool and
it works with no issues, unless you point the remote
away from the devices. Harmony has all codes and any
it doesnt it learns and then uploads to its online

Again I have the 768.. a bit pricier, a little smaller
and alot more functionality than the more popular 688
model, but definately worth it in the long run, for me
-- Dondi

--- Nic Wardle <nic (AT) nwardle (DOT) freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> I know its not actually to do with Squeezebox, but
> do any users have experience of the Pronto NG
> universal remote by philips? Especially with regard
> to using their SB with it?
> I am looking for a "one-for-all" solution to the
> miriad of remotes I now have.
> I remember some comments on the harmony remotes -
> but liked the look of this touch screen device....
> Any comments/experiences welcomed!!
> Nic
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