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Neil Coburn
2005-03-10, 14:59
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Quick Time, that didn't
work so I grabbed mov123.exe from Slimserver 5.3.0. The problem persists.
The error report I get when I paste
"C:\PROGRA~1\SLIMSE~1\server\Bin\MSWin32-x86-multi-thread\mov123.exe" to the
command line runs through 44 modules, none of which have obvious errors,
then a bit about thread, then a huge 'stack' (as you can probably tell, I've
no clue what any of this means!)

Until the problem arose, I was runnning a 5.4.1 nightly from mid Feb, I had
a lot of problems with lost connections and pauses in music (with hindsight
this might have been a problem with AACs, though I've no way of knowing). I
then went to 6.0 which seemed to create more problems than ever, I then
deleted everything and installed 5.4.1 from 05/03/05, and also iTunes
Updater and Alien BBC 0.94. It works very well except for this problem with
AACs, which form the majority of my library.

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kdf wrote:

>Quoting Neil Coburn <neil.coburn (AT) blueyonder (DOT) co.uk>:
>>As you suspected, it just comes up with a box saying mov123.exe has
>>encountered a problem and needs to close. It didn't seem to get past
>>the first line of the command. There is an error report, but I
>>couldn't get it to cut and paste - not sure whether you need it?
>>Thanks for the help so far.... What should I try next?
>I'll have to let Vidur field that one. If you can get an idea of what
>the error message says, that might help. I know next to nothing about
>mov123 except that it does tend to halt a lot.
>One thing to try would be to reinstall quicktime latest version, since
>I believe
>mov123 depends on that.
This started happening after updating to 5.4.1? Which version did you update
from? My initial reaction is to second kdf's suggestion that you get the
latest Quicktime. An alternative may be to grab a version of
mov123 from a previous version of SlimServer.