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2005-03-10, 13:06
The Roku still has a nicer looking unit overall, but as far as I know the
Roku can't even take advantage of the nice high-rez fonts and such that the
Squeezebox G is capable of providing.

When it all boils down to it Roku is the better marketing company but Slim
makes better products. It's sad to think how many na´ve people have
purchased Roku for no other reason than that Roku has blasted the market
with ads and reviews of the Soundbridge.

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> Just our of curiosity I "wandered" over to the Roku forum to
> see if there had been a reaction to the SB2 release....
> Was interested to see some had tried the latest Server (Ver
> 6.x) with the Roku with some success...
> Was also a little perplexed to see this comment:
> "From reading up on the new Slimplayer it looks like they
> tried to copy Roku. Hopefully Roku can do something in that
> the new Slimserver software is supposed to allow a larger
> buffer (supposedly a problem before where the Soundbridge
> would want to fill its buffer but the Slimserver wouldn't
> give enough). "
> I wouldn't say Slim have copied Roku (but I would say that!)
> but perhaps with development and input from users the
> hardware/software combo converges on a similiar end-point?
> Anyway - just thought I'd share it with you guys!
> Nic
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