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Edgar Lombera
2005-03-10, 10:45
Check out the Juniper 5GT-wireless-adsl, All the stuff you mentioned,
simultaneous WPA/WEP ( great for mixed SB1/SB2 environments) plus loads
of other features, Built-in Anti-Virus, ADSL-intf, multi-SSID, Deep
Packet Inspection, Advanced logging, IPsec-Tunneling, Policy routing,
and on and on. I've been using it for about 2 months with my sb1, it's
been solid. Pricey compared to Linksys/Dlink etc, but it's in a
completely different class.

Disclaimer: I work for Juniper, only not in the group that develops these.

Mike Hartley wrote:
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Now that the native 802.11G SB2 is out, I am going to purchase a
wireless DSL router to accomodate it. The router has to have PPPOE;
firewall, DMZ, and port-forwarding capability; and at least one
ethernet wired connection for my main PC. I am considering a Netgear
WGR614NA, but am open to other options. Does anyone have any suggestions?