View Full Version : digital output SB2 vs SB

Phillip Kerman
2005-03-10, 09:26
> "jan van mourik" wrote
> > Pardon my ignorance, but would there be any difference in audio
> > quality between the SB2 and the SB when using the digital output,
> > optical or coax?
> >
> > Thanks, jan
> Hey Jan,
> Potentially, yes. Two very tangible improvements will be the
> resolution of
> the l/r channel switching problem as well as the inverted
> bit-perfect signal
> issue. There have also been reports of the SB1 delivering a 44.13 khz
> signal under some circumstances rather than true 44.1khz and
> this will no
> longer be an issue with SB2. Other improvements include the potential
> future support for 96khz output (though this, of course,
> would require 96khz
> source material--not an issue if you're just listening to
> CDs) as well as
> what is likely to be a decrease in jitter (though the debate
> rages on about
> whether or not jitter on such a small scale is audible).
> This is not to
> mention how flexible the output stages of the new SB2 seem to be (as
> reported by Sean in numerous other threads today).

Also, maybe, the DAC in the SB makes better sound than the digital out to
the DAC you're currently using.